Monday, October 14, 2013

At War - Retaliatory Strike Translucent Vinyl

A couple more translucent Lp's. 

At War - Retaliatory Strike ep

                                                         At War - Limited Ep


zach said...

hey dave, it's been a while.

i got bit by the posting bug again, this time i think it'll stick. but anyway, i came back here for some memories. though i couldn't find some of the posts that i remembered. like, essential logic, not for sale, and that first hates 7"? are the posts gone or am i just crazy?

anyway, i hope all is well.


Dave G said...

Hey Zach, good to hear from you man. If you can't find the posts then they are gone. The blog is a shell of what it used to be, and is largely inactive at this point.


Hope all is well.

zach said...

yeah good to hear from you too. all's okay with me. doing the university thing now, which sucks. but oh well. how come you deleted some of the posts?

Dave G said...

Mediafire started deleting files after the U.S. Government took down Megauploads. I lost a lot of my personal music files I uploaded to mediafire for safe keeping and at that point I pretty much gave up.

zach said...

oh, that sucks to hear.