Friday, March 27, 2009

Selective Outrage - 1988 Demo Tape

I am posting this demo to fill a request for Brian who did some detective work and figured out where I grew up by piecing together little random details about me from my previous posts. For the rest of you I will tell you that I grew up in the burbs of NYC in Rockland County.
Rockland was a pretty normal place to grow up... full of the usual burnouts, jock assholes and rednecks that you find in pretty much everytown U.S.A. The only thing Rockland had going for it was its proximity to NYC...about 30 minutes, so it took little effort to sneak out and hit NYC for some record shopping or to see a good show at Lamours or CBGB etc. Anyway, with this easy exposure to the metal and punk underground it made perfect sense that in a short period of time between say 1985 - 1990 there were probably no less than 10-15 hardcore/metal bands from Rockland who would get together at various small local bars, clubs and VFW halls to play shows, hang out and cause all kinds of trouble lol.

Anyway, after that ridiculously long intro let me tell you that Selective Outrage were one of the, if not the best band of the bunch. I would describe their style as Thrash Discharge if that makes sense. They even cover State Violence / State Control on this demo. The songs are agressive,straight forward and catchy as hell. The vocals and lead guitar work really stand out to me still to this day. Overall this demo rips and I hope some of you enjoy this obscure little gem of a tape.

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P.S. Thanks Chris S ( SOR vocalist) for hooking me up with the cd containing all of the Selective Outrage material recorded between 1985-88. Maybe if you blogheads dig this demo I will upload their other demos in the future.