Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ticket Stubs

Found some old ticket stubs.

top left : Anthrax / Cromags/ Metal Church 06/05/1987 Beacon Theatre NYC
top middle: Overkill 07/10/1987 Lamour Brooklyn NY
top right: Manowar 06/06/1986 Lamour Brooklyn NY
middle left: Slayer 04/11/1987 Lamour Brooklyn NY
middle: Raven/Anthrax/Metallica Roseland Ballroom NYC Kill Em All For One Tour
middle bottom: Iron Maiden Radio City Music Hall NYC 01/18/1985
bottom right: Slayer Lamour Brooklyn 11/15/1985

Wish I had kept all my stubs from back in the day.

Metal mags continued

Just uncovered a few more and bunch of other shit.

Metal mags

Man I wish I had saved my Kick Ass Monthly zines. I know I had every issue but most of them got cut up and hung on my walls. You know what, if anyone has any old issues of Kick Ass I would be interested in purchasing them. Email me at

ps click image to enlarge.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Metal Stickers

Here is a bunch of stickers I still had laying around at my parents place. Most of these came from writing away for demo tapes as a kid. Click on the image to enlarge...Dave G.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Rock N Roll Heaven Christmas Card

I brought a bunch of stuff back with me from my parents house this weekend. Mostly old Metal stickers, flyers, pictures, fanzines etc. I found this old RNR Heaven ( John Z of Megaforce records old record store in Clark NJ) Christmas card and figured I'd post it for the hell of it. Let me know if you peeps are interested in this old oddball shit I have collected over the years and I will post some more images over the next few days...Dave G.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Broken Bones - Bonecrusher Lp 1985 Combat Core

Aesop over at Cosmic Hearse posted up the Broken Bones - Decapitated 7" today which immediately made want to listen to this Lp "Bonecrusher".While Dem Bones is definitely my favorite Broken Bones record I think they did a hell of a good job with this crossover metal punk style record as well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chronic Sick - bootleg Lp

This bootleg is currently all over ebay bringing in silly high prices but I know for a fact that an official repress of the Cutest Band In Hardcore ep and the S/T 12" are in the works. Once the label releases the official press release I will give you more details and let you know where to go to get a copy of the official represses...Dave G.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Sound - Physical World 7" 1979 Tortch Records

Cold Beat
Physical World

Here is the first single from one of my top 5 favorite bands of any musical genre The Sound. This single was released in 1979 so they were right there for the movement from punk to 80's new wave if you will. The Sound is similar in style to future label mates Echo and The Bunnymen,however The Sound were better but for some reason they never got the attention they truly deserved. Anyway, this 7" is not my favorite thing that the band has ever released (From The Lions Mouth Lp is my favorite) but the opening song on this 7" called Cold Beat is a really good song. The music became much darker and brooding on the releases that followed this 7" and their 1st Lp Jeopardy.Honestly, the later more brooding music that they produced is really where The Sound fully hit the mark for me, but these earlier recordings are excellent as well...Dave G.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad Posture Lp 1983 Irresponsible Records.

God damn this is some dirty nasty shit right here. Essential San Francisco punk rock from 1983. I got this Lp from my friend Chris a few years back, and I thought he might miss this one a here you go Chris.

P.S. There is a discography cd on Grand Theft Audio, so go to wherever the hell they claim to sell Grand Theft Audio cd's and pick one up.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slayer - Blood Pack - Def American 1990

Wow an alternate version of a song where I can actually hear a fucking difference between the original and the alt version. I actually hear a little haunting keyboard in the back ground on the alt version of Seasons In The Abyss which is pretty cool, though the OG version is still better. They also tacked on Aggressive Perfector for the 800th time Slayer used that track as a b-side. Much like the Violence Vomit Bag I remember when the liquid in the jacket used to actually be liquid, unfortunately it turned into a dried blood stain over the years...Dave G.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Razor - Armed and Dangerous 1984 - Razor Edge Records limited to 500 copies

Yeah you can get this on other blogs, but I don't care. I guess this is a bootleg of a bootleg or something. Anyway, red vinyl is cool, and the music is great and you can get one for yourself at . Now go take some money out of your paypal account and order one of these before they go away.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Patriots - Land of The Free 12"

This record just showed up in the mail today and I can't wait to get into it. This Lp contains the original 1982 demo recordings plus the classic 1983 7" "Land of The Free" and a track off a Mystic Records compilation Lp from 1983. Anyway, The Patriots rule and this is an official release not some shitty bootleg so I am not going to give it away for free, but I do however suggest you head over to and grab one of these bad boys from Jason before they are gone..Dave G.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ex Inferis - 2006 demo - released in 2009

This demo showed up a week or so ago in my inbox and I finally got around to giving it a listen today. So basically what we have here is my first unsolicited demo review. Ex Inferis hail from Brazil and play a style of metal that mixes a nice dose of fast straight ahead metal with some nice thick riffing and also has one foot simultaneously in hardcore. I like that they mix up the vocals a bit between a screaming sort of power violence type vocal with a deeper death metal vocal at times. I have to say I do not expect much from demo submissions, but I think this one is definitely worth your time and attention if this is your type of music, so give them a listen for yourself and feel free to comment to let the band know how you feel.

P.S. If anyone out there wants their demo reviewed feel free to send it my way, however if I like your music enough to review it then expect me to ask you to send me a free physical copy of your recording because I am a record collecting nerd after all. So Ex Inferis where is my demo lol...Dave G.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Slayer - Holland 02/06/1985

"In the worship of metal...are you into heavy metal... are you into black metal... are you into speeeeeed metal...we are all here, we must keep haunting the chapel !!! "

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Violence - The Vomit Bag 10" 1988

Ah the vomit bag...I remember when I bought this the vomit was all watery and it would slosh around inside the sleeve like well...VOMIT hahaha. It's funny to me that there is a warning on this thing stating " Do Not Eat". I know I am a metalhead but did they really think I was stupid enough to cut this thing open and eat it's contents ? Anyway, I posted this one just for the fun of it, and I fully expected to hate the music at 42 years old, but I'll be damned if I didn't do a little head banging to this one today....Dave G.

Songs: Eternal Nightmare and Phoba Phobia from the Eternal Nightmare Lp.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Gilligans Revenge - Boom Box demo tape 1981

Boom Box Demo

Here's a little something I got my hands on recently that I had been looking for for what felt life forever.

Gilligan's Revenge is pre Token Entry and is much more punk than hardcore which is a good thing in this case. The recording could be better and the sound seems to switch from the left speaker to the right speaker at times but the recording is definitely listenable and enjoyable, and these songs are the only living record of the band that is still in existence. Here is a bit of history about Gilligan's Revenge and Token Entry that was provided by Johnny Stig himself.

"Here is a little history on GR and the demo. I'm going off the top of my head... Let’s see. First let me say I played bass on the demo and also played bass for Token Entry on The Ready or not 7" "Beneath" and Jaybird albums.
Yes, the demo was recorded on a boom box in my garage. Dave Gunner from Kraut let us use his box. The reason it switches between the speakers is because the singer sang directly into the built in mic and he kept accidentally clicking a button. The drums consisted of a kick, snair, hihat and a crash. I had a borrowed bass amp (I borrowed so many) that was definitely transported to the garage on a skateboard. A tiny little Marshall and of course a boombox. It was recorded in 1981. I,Johnny played (bass) 15, Ernie(drums) 14, John (vox) 14 and Andy (guitar)14. Ernie and I started GR and recruited John and Andy. We went thru a few singers after John. Eddie Sutton from Leeway, John Woods then Anthony (TE, Raw Deal, Killing Time, Token Entry). A few guitarists too. After Andy (Devil Dogs) we got Mick(Token Entry) then Dito (Major Conflict) for like 2 weeks. Then Eddie Rossi a 16 year old guitar prodigy. Then Mick again. Then into TE. I'm sorry to say that is the only demo that can be found. We had others and also recorded an album which was never released with the "prodigy" but those tapes are gone. We probably had about 40 songs over the years. Some even followed us into Token Entry. Psycho, Latent Images and Antidote. I think Look Around and some others too. Ernie made the GB logo and the GR logo. GB started in 1987 GR was in 1981 so maybe he just forgot. We were well into Token Entry already. Plus let me also say GR was the first skate punk band in NYC and we were the youngest ever NYHC band along with the Young and the Useless who were about the same age. There you go"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wards - Armed To The Teeth demo tape 1985

This tape showed up in my inbox today and I could not be more happy. Honestly it made my day. Since I have pretty much zero time for this blog at the moment I passed the files over to Erich at Good Bad Music For bad, Bad Times blog. So if you want this go on over and grab it from Good Bad Music..Dave G.

Good Bad Music link

P.S Thanks J.T. for sending these files my way !

Friday, September 04, 2009

Atrophy - Chemical Dependency Demo Tape 1987

I used to really like this demo back in the day. I also had an Lp by Atrophy that I sold years ago. I can't remember the name of the album and I am too fucking lazy to look it up at the moment, but it was their first Lp. I think it had a joker and missiles on the cover or some shit. Anyway, this demo is okay. Beginning of track 2 sounds like SOD and the rest is solid thrash/power metal...Dave G...tired and out.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Agnostic Front - 1984 demos and rehearsal bootleg Lp

Pretty cool bootleg release containing 46 demo and rehearsal tracks by the NYHC legends Agnostic Front. The sound quality overall is good, except for the occasionally out of tune guitars lol. The rehearsal tracks are a fun listen with the between song banter etc. These recordings are also available on the AF demos cd that Grand Theft Audio released back in 1995,however the Grand Theft Audio cd itself has over 60 songs on it, and I do not think the cd is in print at this point...Dave G.

Track 1-17: Pre United Blood Recordings.
Track 18-34: 1984 Rehearsal Don Fury's Studio
Track 35 - 44: United Blood 7 inch 2 track mixdown
Track 45-46: Message From The Underground Compilation Tracks.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Screamers - demo 1977 - 1978

A friend reached out to me today and asked if I had any Screamers recordings I could send her. I figured since I ripped this demo to send to her that I might as well put it up on the blog as well.

The Screamers were one of the original LA punk bands, however the Screamers were very different from the other bands of the era as their music was keyboard not guitar based. This is pretty over the top yet brilliant music for the most part. Unfortunately, the band never released any official records back in the day and we only have demos and live recordings floating around today...Dave G.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Queer Pills - 7" Homophobic Records 1981

As you know I have been busy lately, but I found some free time today and figured I would post the Queer Pills 7" which clocks in at 2:41 of awesomeness. As most of you already know the Queer Pills were the Angry Samoans in disguise to fool Rodney who had banned the Samoans from his radio show. Anyway, hope you enjoy and I will try to get some more music up on the blog this week..Dave G.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

7 Seconds - Committed For Life 7'" - Squirtdown Records 1983

So last night I went out and saw Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand etc perform a somewhat acoustic ( drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar) live set at a local club. He played a mix of GB, Quicksand, and Rival Schools songs plus he threw in some sort of poppy covers of Agnostic Front etc. And while Walter is certainly a talented guy, the whole show just struck me as kind of sad. I mean turning songs like Society Suckers by Agnostic Front or Start Today by GB into poppy little ditties just feels wrong ,and on a personal level I just don't like the idea of watering down songs that meant so much to me as a youth just to turn a quick buck. It felt like he was taking the music that spoke to me as an alienated outsider kid, and turning it into retro cool music for hipsters. So you ask what does this have to do with 7 Seconds ? Well, 7 Seconds are playing a show next week in NYC and after last night I am afraid to go. I love 7 Seconds music and it has meant so much to me that I just can't take the chance of going to see them and it turning into a good time nostalgia party, or god forbid Kevin starts playing an acoustic versions of Regress No Way or some shit. Now I do not mean to come across as accusing 7 Seconds of doing these things when I honestly have no idea what their current set will consist of, but after last night I just can’t risk it. Anyway, bitter Dave...out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ded Engine - Til Deaf Do Us Part 1985 Demo Tape

First off let me just admit that I do not own this demo tape. I actually found these files on the Lockjaw blog recently where they post tons of old metal demos etc. Anyway, since I already posted the Ded Engine 7" and Lp on this blog, and I am a completest by nature I figured I would throw this demo up as well. Again what you get is Judas Priest inspired heavy metal that is good if not overly original. Honestly, I think the 7" I posted a few months back is my favorite Ded Engine release...Dave G.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hostile Rage - Time To Rock - Live Uncle Floyd Show

Here is another 80's Thrash band from my hometown area of Rockland County NY / Bergen County NJ. Like I have stated before there was a good little thrash scene in Rockland when I grew up, but none of the bands really got the attention they deserved for some reason. However,Rockland did produce it's share of metalheads who went on to bigger known bands like Overkill ( Bobby Blitz) and Anthrax (Dan Spitz) just to name a few. Anyway, I must say this live clip is great. If you like this you must download the bands demos from the link below.

P.S. Thanks Kevin C. for getting in touch and bringing this old video clip to my attention.

Aftermath - Killing The Future demo tape 1987

I bought this tape back in 1987 and I can honestly say that there are no fond memories attached to this one for me. I must have read a good review of the tape and ordered it from the band and then never really listened to it in all these years. To me this sounds like pretty typical thrash metal for the time period. My 42 year old ears don't really hear anything that would have made this tape stand out from the crowd, but it's certainly not bad and maybe if I had actually gotten around to listening to this demo when I bought it my 20 year old ears would have loved it...Dave G.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Caligula - Technical Aggression Demo Tape 1987


Another fairly obscure metal demo from back in the day. Caligula hailed from Howard Beach NY and played a fairly technical style of thrash metal that sometimes brings bands like DBC to mind though there isn't a clear similarity. I remember this tape being a pretty big deal, in the NY underground at least. This is the 3rd metal demo post this week and I plan to keep them coming so if you like this sort of thing then keep checking back. Since no one comments I have no idea if you people like this old obscure metal stuff, but I also don't really care. If you don't like it then go away...Dave G.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Overkill - Power In Black demo tape 1983

This Overkill demo is a classic especially if you grew up in the NY/NJ area as I did. For some reason my demo has what I think is a demo version of the song "Feel The Fire" tacked on, but I can't remember if I recorded that song to the tape back in the day or if I got it that way. Anyway, I will include the Feel The Fire track with this rip and you can hear it for yourself. It's most likely the demo version that appeared on the "New York Metal 84" compilation LP that I no longer have in my collection...Dave G.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chain - demo tape #2 1985

I'm thinking this must be a pretty obscure old metal tape. I mail ordered this tape directly from the band back in the metal heyday of 1985, and while this band sounds nothing like the speed or thrash metal bands that I loved at the time I found myself totally under the spell of this tape. Chain hailed from Mt Clemens Michigan and played a brand of metal that sounds like a cross between ZZ Top and Kiss, but with a more 80's metal edge. I swear I can't think if any other way to describe these dudes. Anyway, maybe this tape is a lost classic or maybe I am on my own with this one, but either way download this tape, give it a listen and let me know what you think...Dave G.

P.S. The letter that accompanied this tape says the band released a demo in 1984 and a 3rd demo in either 85 or 86. This might be a long shot, but if anyone has either demo get in touch because I'd like to hear them.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hades - Live Videos

Dan Lorenzo (Hades guitarist) just dropped me an email bringing these videos to my attention. Dan said to spread them around so here you go. Thanks for the heads up Dan !

P.S. Dan also tipped me off to his band The Cursed which also features Bobby Blitz of Overkill on vocals. Here is a link to the bands webpage if you'd like to drop by and give them a listen

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Agent Orange - Blood Stains 7" 1980

I ripped this one months ago and have been sitting on it because I know you can get it from countless other blogs, but you know what it's a true punk rock classic and I think it has a place on my blog. So if you have somehow never heard this one before then grab it. If you have heard it before or own a copy then tell me a story about how much you love it or hate it...Dave G.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Manowar live on TV Nickelodeon 83-84 Gloves of Metal plus interview

Oh man this is a classic video right here. I remember taping this off of Nickelodeon many years ago. Manowar plays a full on version of Gloves of Metal to a room full of 10 year old kids and their parents. This video rules because it is completely ridiculous and very Spinal Tap-esque lol ...Leather, Spikes and Chains..... Thanks brother D for ripping this old video and posting it...Dave G.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Overkill - Live plus interview

Rip #3 in the Brother D collection hahaha. Overkill live plus an interview in a cemetery...CLASSIC. I think this might have been made as a promotional video back in the day. Anyway,this is great and you should watch it.

King Diamond - Mercyful Fate interview -

Here is rip #2 from brother D. This is an old King Diamond interview that I didn't even know I had on VHS. God knows what else brother D will uncover on these tapes...Dave G.

Rock N Roll Heaven - Clark NJ

My brother Darin bought a dvd burner recently and has started transferring our old VHS tapes over to dvd. He is also going to be posting some stuff up on youtube and this right here is the first rip that he has completed. What we have is a news segment on Channel 4 news in NY back in the 80's I guess. The segment is about Heavy Metal and the record store Rock n Roll Heaven which was owned by Johnny Z who also owned Megaforce records. Anyway, it is cool for me to see this clip after many many years, and it really brings back some memories. I used to drive over an hour 1 way to go to RnR Heaven whenI was a teenager and I bought 100's of killer metal records there back in the day. God, I wish I could go back in time for just one more shopping spree in that awesome store. Hey Jeff I know you remember this place...Dave G.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Last Crime - st cd ep 1997

Since I posted Garden Variety yesterday I figured I would follow up that post with another mid 90's band from Long Island NY. Last Crime features Kevin Egan of Beyond and 1.6 Band fame on guitar and vocals. The closest musical comparison I can draw would be Drive Like Jehu but with a touch of a hardcore edge maybe. I saw Last Crime 1 time on the Island playing with Garden Variety and of course my brothers band Dahlia Seed who seemed to always play with Garden Variety as I mentioned before.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden Variety - Hedge 7" - Mint Tone Records 1992

Here is the first 7" from Long Island's Garden Variety. I saw these guys live probably 20 times, no kidding I really did. My brother’s band used to play with Garden Variety constantly in the 90's all over the NY/NJ area. GV was a great band similar in sound to Jawbreaker I suppose. Lead singer and bassist Anthony Roman went on to front Radio 4 for many years, and drummer Joe Gorlick went on to play with Seam, Bluetip and others. Over a 5 year period or so in the mid 90's GV released 2 full length Lp's and a slew of 7 inches and split 7 inches on various labels. I can honestly say that every one of their releases is worth owning so if you come across their records you should pick them up, and I bet they are cheap to boot.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

D.R.I. - Violent Pacification 7" - Dirty Rotten/R-Radical Records 1984

I decided to give this one a spin today after 20+ years of sitting in my record box. I really love early DRI, and can even deal with their more thrashy crossover stuff as well. I think the last DRI record I can still enjoy is probably Crossover or maybe Four of A Kind. Anyway just figured I'd record this one and share it today since it was spinning on the turntable anyway.

This one is back in print...Purchase

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Okara - Months Like Years - Spectra Sonic Sound Records 1996

Purchase Okara/Mothman 7"

Here is another interesting band from the mid 90's that got lumped in with the emo movement. Again, this sounds nothing like what emo sounds like today...thank god.
I saw Okara a handful of times back in the day,and I even released a split 7" on my record label between Mothman and Okara back around 1994 or 95.

Okara play a disjointed, slightly metal, slightly punk, slightly I don't really know style of music that is still impressive to me to this day. The standout track for me on this record is track 4, which actually reminds me of the band RODAN, so give it a listen and let me know what you think. Also, the lp has 8 songs but I ripped it from vinyl and have 10 tracks, maybe I tracked this thing wrong or maybe there are more songs than listed on the Lp. I really don't know but it plays back exactly as it was put to vinyl...Dave G.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Second Layer - State of Emergency 7" 1980 Tortch Records

This is a 3 song 7" from Adrian Borland who is best known as the vocalist for The Sound. See my previous Second Layer post for more information.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sadistik Ritual - Deal With Darkness - Demo Tape 1989

If you like obscure old school thrash metal then this post is for you. Sadistik Ritual were another band from Rockland County NY or Congers NY to be more exact. I was friends with a few of these dudes back in the day,which in all honesty probably caused me to not give them the credit they deserved at the time because I'm a dick and a shitty friend.However, looking back I think they deserved more recognition then they got, so hopefully I can help rectify this lack of recognition and lack of a current internet presence by posting this demo on my crappy blog.

Anyway, let me tell you about the music which is actually good mid-tempo thrash similiar to the likes of Testament and Overkill etc. Overall this is a respectable demo with a good vocalist, good production and thick riffing. If anyone wants to hear their 1988 demo drop a note in the comments...Dave G.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Pop Group - She Is Beyond Good and Evil / 338 7" Radar Records 1979

I have name checked The Pop Group in a few of my older posts, so I figure it's time to post something by the band. I am completely at a loss when it comes to describing this band honestly. They play a form of post punk that mixes in elements of funk, free jazz and dub reggae. This may take a few listens for some to figure out or maybe you'll just hate it all together, but for some reason I enjoy this band very much. They have a way of finding a groove while sounding completely out of sorts and abrasive at the same time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

No Escape / Turning Point split 7" Temperance Records 1991

Here's some early 90's Jersey Shore Hardcore. No Escape come on heavy with an angry metallic sound, while Turning Point bring it down a notch and deliver more melodic hardcore typical of the recordings that they did after their harder sounding first 7" (see my older posts). Turning Point has a discography cd currently available from Jade Tree records ,and No Escape released a discography cd as well some years back which also includes their demo. You should track down these cd's if you like this post.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Which Way Records - A Generation of Hope - compilation 7"

Man I haven't listen to this record in years, and I know this next statement will probably break some hearts out there, but the only good thing about this ep is Chain of strength...period...Dave G.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heathen - Pray for Death demo tape 1986

Here's a tape I mail ordered back in the day directly from the band. The music is typical of the 80's Bay area thrash sound. I have had this one waiting in the wings for awhile and since I haven't posted a metal demo in what feels like forever I figured it's time has come.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Necros - Conquest for Death / Take Em Up 7" 1983 T&G Records

Contains a different version of Conquest for Death then appears on the Lp, and the b-side did not appear on the U.S. version of the Lp at all. Brutal early hardcore...BE A MAN !!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Stimulators - Loud Fast Rules ! - repress

A classic NY punk rock single, originally released in 1980, and featuring a 12 or 13 year old Harley Flanagan of Cro-Mags fame on drums. The music is uptempo, fast and total old school punk. Give this one a listen if you have never heard it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tools - # 3 - 7" ep Subterranean Records 1981

The Tools were Mike Fox from Code of Honors pre CoH band. Honestly, everything Mike Fox touched in the early 80's is pure gold in my opinion. The Tools released 3 7" singles between 1979 - 1981 and the one I am presenting today is my least favorite of the 3, but that's like saying Show No Mercy is my least favorite Slayer still RULES !!!.

The bands sound evolved into a more pop/punk/new wave direction on this their final ep, were as the first 2 ep's had a much more punk hardcore sound. Anyway, I feel that this 3rd ep is the hardest one to find so I wanted to present it to the masses.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Code of Honor - What Are We Gonna Do ? 7" Subterranean Records 1982

I am under the impression that I have posted a lot of old school punk rock/hardcore singles to the blog over the years, but as I was scrolling through my old posts today and admiring my work lol, I noticed that I really haven't posted as much punk as I thought. I think part of it is that I feel other blogs have really covered punk rock territory pretty well already, and all I will be doing is posting records that you can find elsewhere,however I think over the next few days I will post some classics on Rocket Science just because I like them.

Anyway, first off is this great Code of Honor 7" from 1982. I can't believe I haven't posted this one already as COH is one of my fav hardcore punk bands of all time. If you like this you need to get a copy of the Code of Honor / Sick Pleasure split 12" also. Actually COH and Sick Pleasure are the exact same band except they had different vocalists. Johnithin Christ who did vocals for COH was also in the excellent Society Dog as well. Anyway, this is essential raging yet catchy hardcore/punk in that old school California style that is so great.

P.S. Subterranean Records released a complete Code of Honor cd discography a few years back which I think you can still purchase right here Also, if you’d like to hear Society Dog and Sick Pleasure just search my older posts.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

At All Cost - Demo 1988 and Demo 1990 - NYHC

At All Cost were a bunch of 15 year old kids when they recorded the 1988 demo, the band kicked around the NYHC scene for a few years in the late 80's - early 90's playing a very competent brand of NYHC. I saw AAC play a few CBGB matinees, and I saw them a few times at The Anthrax as well opening for the likes of Token Entry, Vision, Raw Deal etc.

I hear a bit of a Token Entry influence on the first demo from 1988. The 1990 demo has a thicker production and therefore a harder edge..fortunately they never go off into tough guy territory. I see absolutely no web presence for this band so I figured it was time to get them out there...Enjoy Dave G.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Franklin - Sliding / Sprinkler 7" - 1993 Slug Sounds Records

Here is another Franklin 7" just because I'm a big Emo pussy lol, and Franklin are good dammit.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Faction - Corpse In Disguise 7" IM Records 1984

My favorite 80's skate punkers, featuring Pro Skateboarder Steve Caballero on bass. I like everything The Faction ever released and you should too. I know they released 2 cd's a few years back collecting pretty much everything the band ever recorded. You should pick them up if they are still in print.

P.S. I was just advise that The Faction have plans to release a DVD with every song they ever recorded on it coming out on Beer City Records later this year. The DVD will also include bonus video footage from the 1985 US Tour, and OLD skate footage...this DVD will be absolutely essential in my BUY IT !!!...Dave G.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide - Youth Crimes ep - reissue

Black Market Baby sprung up out of the early DC punk rock scene and released an absolute classic Lp in 1983 on Fountain of Youth Records called "Senseless Offerings".

The record I am presenting here is a reissue of their 1st 7" that was released in 1981 on Limp Records. The music is straight ahead catchy punk/hardcore with a singer who is really memorable. Give this one a listen...Dave G.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wide Awake - Hold True Demo

Straightedge hardcore from CT in the NYHC style. I got nothing else to add really...I'll let the music do the talking.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Franklin - Something Blue, Automotive 7" 1993 Slug Records

Franklin is another band that came out of the 90's emo scene. I know emo is a dirty word these days, but this is nothing like the shit they pass off as emo today. These guys have a more DC Revolution Summer style sound.

I spent some time as a roadie for my brothers band in the 90's and we played probably 10 shows with Franklin over the years. We would travel hundreds of miles to some nowhere cow town following directions written on a Mc Donald’s napkin, and when we would turn into the VFW Hall or Firehouse or some kids living room...Franklin would usually be sitting outside having a smoke, and that was always a comfort because we knew that even if only 10 kids showed up at least we would get to see Franklin play again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hates - Panacia Lp Faceless Records 1982

Hates only full length Lp. I never cared for this record because it has a bit of a more pop sound than their 7 inches, however I gave it another listen today and I think I can get into this one with a few more spins..