Saturday, June 06, 2009

Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide - Youth Crimes ep - reissue

Black Market Baby sprung up out of the early DC punk rock scene and released an absolute classic Lp in 1983 on Fountain of Youth Records called "Senseless Offerings".

The record I am presenting here is a reissue of their 1st 7" that was released in 1981 on Limp Records. The music is straight ahead catchy punk/hardcore with a singer who is really memorable. Give this one a listen...Dave G.


Elvis said...

Excellent 45. From what I hear and remember Boyd Farrell liked his booze quite a bit and trouble seemed a welcome bedfellow. I can't remember which bass player (Paul or Mike) it was but one moved to Atlanta, Ga. and plays in some more "rock 'n' roll" oriented band there last I heard.

peskypesky said...

this is really excellent. any chance you can upload their LP?

thank you once again for turning me on to some choice, overlooked punk.