Saturday, December 10, 2016

S.O.D. - Speak English or Die Test Press

Sorry Eddie Trunk, I got the SOD Speak English or Die test pressing that was supposed to be sent to you in 1985 :)

Found this at a record show today. Couldn't find another image of an SOD test press on line so i figured I would throw it up on the page...Dave G.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Poor Lily - Dirt On Everyone 2016

Poor Lily first caught my attention a few years back with their Lp Vuxola which was a whirling dervish of what sounded to me like the Minutemen and Dead Kennedy's getting together for a heavy jam session. On "Dirt On Everyone" , Poor Lily keep that same intensity going but to my ears they sound even heavier and meaner, and I like it.

This album is a barn burner right from the get go. The opening track We Are opens calmly before exploding into the frantic fray of the next track up Nsaman. From this point on the album moves along  quickly with an occasional let up here and their to allow the listener to catch their breath.

Poor Lily really put together a strong Lp from beginning to end and they deserve to be heard, so head over to their webpage and hear this great album for yourself. Actually, better yet, drop some $ on a digital download or the vinyl, you will not be disappointed...Dave G.

Poor Lily



Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nemesis - Pain (The Equalizer)

Here's a pretty damn good private press power metal 7" from Union NJ circa 1988. This one is pretty tough to find, only 200 pressed, but I got lucky and stumbled upon one recently at the local record shop. I've heard Nemesis described as thrash metal but they sound more power metal to my ears. 

The A-Side of this 7" Pain (The Equalizer)  is a rock solid powerful tune while the B-side Nemesis is not quite as promising, more of a mid tempo bouncy track that sounds like it was meant to appeal to the commercial side of things.  Regardless, this is an excellent record and well worth grabbing if you come across a copy....Dave G. (back from the dead)?