Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Night Birds - The Other Side of Darkness - review - cd and Lp release date 09/13/2011

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To my ears the Night Birds have always sounded like a modern day hybrid of Agent Orange and the Adolescents, and on their first full length album "The Other Side of Darkness" they have done nothing to change my opinion. In fact, they have maintained the surf punk twang of Agent Orange and upped the speed, catchiness and snottiness that always brought the Adolescents to mind, however they have modernized everything and thrown in so many hooks that it will make your head a good way.

I must say that we have another candidate for the top 10 list of 2011 right here, and maybe even the top spot at that. I'm finding that I can't get enough of this record, and that it just keeps getting better and better with every listen...Highly Recommended...Dave G.

Night Birds - The Other Side of Darkness - release date 09/13/2011 on compact disc and vinyl, to be followed by a European Tour September/October 2011. Tour dates can be found HERE.

Night Birds to perform live on the "Crust Never Sleeps" Radio Show September 13, 2011 @10pm. You can tune in to for an online broadcast of the show.

Grave Mistake Records - Purchase cd, vinyl, T-shirts and special preorder packages.

Punk Rock Record Party ( Podcast)

Bob Suren (founder of Burrito Records ) has decided to start a podcast with his first broadcast going out on September 1st 2011. Bob is a long time record collector with a broad knowledge of all things punk rock, especially those strange and obscure records from the past that many of us have been searching for for years.

Here's the details you will need to tune in to the show:

Download the PUNK ROCK RECORD PARTY podcast #01: It is 60 min (55.04 MB).
Subscribe to weekly episodes.
Download a short promo video or watch it below..

Bob can use some NEW releases to play on the show, so send vinyl and CDs to
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Social Circkle - Expiration Date 7" - Side Two Records 2011 (review)

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One of my favorite current punk/hardcore bands returns with what is unfortunately their final recording. What you get is more of what they do frills, uptempo and catchy punk rock.

Anyway, add these 5 songs to your Social Circkle folder on your hard drive or rip them to a cd for the car and enjoy!

Thanks Social Circkle...I will be enjoying your music for years to come!

Side Two Records - Purchase - Act quick as they made 50 red vinyl copies for mailorder only and as of today they still have some available.

What the label says:

"SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Expiration Date 7"
5 tracks of intense early 80's hardcore mixed with late 70's punk from all around the globe. More anger and speed than previous releases, SOCIAL CIRCKLE manages to exit on their most manic note while still maintaining the melody and catchy hooks of their 'Static Eyes' 7". Think ripping hardcore with songs you can actually remember. The follow up to 2009's 'City Shock' LP (No Way Records) this ep is the band's final offering. (Side Two 002)"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Olivelawn - Cat's Meow / Mom's Farm - Nemesis Records 1991

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I just realized there is a serious lack of Olivelawn music and information on the web and that is a real shame in my opinion.

Olivelawn burst out of the 90's San Diego Ca punk scene with a dirty grungy MC5 meets Stooges sound that would have been right at home on Sub Pop records back in the early 90's.

Besides the Cat's Meow 7" I have 3 other 7 inchers by Olivelawn and the Sophomore Jinx Lp and I have not heard a song yet that I do not like...check em out...Dave G.

Cat's Meow

PS. Members of Olivelawn later went on to play in Fluf, Fu Manchu and Nebula. If you like what you hear then you can purchase the Sap and Sophomore Jinx CD'S here . Also, you can find the bands 7" vinyl on Ebay on a regular basis and at bargain prices.

Major Damage - st 7" 2011 (review)

No Way Records
Even Worse Records
Way Back When Records

Brand new solo project from Brandon Ferrell of Government Warning, Direct Control, Wasted time, Syndrome, Obsessor and others.

This is one excellent raging hardcore record in the vein of early NYHC bands like the Abused with hints of Boston hardcore thrown in as well. Hell, this record sounds like someone locked the abused, SSD and the Crumbsuckers in a room together and said you can't come out until you record a 7"... Buy It! ... Dave G.

Double Negative - Hardcore Confusion Volume 1 and 2 - Sorry State Records 2011 (review)

Sorry State Records

Raleigh North Carolina's Double Negative return with 2 brand new scorching 7" records showcasing their complex yet brutal hardcore style.

I am a little at a loss for words when it comes to describing Double Negatives music, and using the the term "Hardcore" really doesn't due the music justice in my opinion because there is so much more going in these songs then just typical straight up hardcore.

Volume 1 opens with "Writhe", a blazing and complex song that ends with a repetitive riff that hits like a fucking hammer to the head. "Cunny hop" closes out Volume 1 at full speed and with maximum aggression.

Volume 2 opens with "Fat City Address" which is a more mid tempo song when compared to the songs on volume 1. "face jam" closes out Volume 2 with lightening riffing, aggressive vocals and dare I say memorable hooks.

Overall, Double Negative is one of the best bands currently tearing it up out there...I highly recommend their entire back catalog as well...check them out...Dave G.

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Purchase Hardcore Confusion Volume 1 and 2