Thursday, August 25, 2011

Olivelawn - Cat's Meow / Mom's Farm - Nemesis Records 1991

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I just realized there is a serious lack of Olivelawn music and information on the web and that is a real shame in my opinion.

Olivelawn burst out of the 90's San Diego Ca punk scene with a dirty grungy MC5 meets Stooges sound that would have been right at home on Sub Pop records back in the early 90's.

Besides the Cat's Meow 7" I have 3 other 7 inchers by Olivelawn and the Sophomore Jinx Lp and I have not heard a song yet that I do not like...check em out...Dave G.

Cat's Meow

PS. Members of Olivelawn later went on to play in Fluf, Fu Manchu and Nebula. If you like what you hear then you can purchase the Sap and Sophomore Jinx CD'S here . Also, you can find the bands 7" vinyl on Ebay on a regular basis and at bargain prices.

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