Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Social Circkle - Expiration Date 7" - Side Two Records 2011 (review)

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One of my favorite current punk/hardcore bands returns with what is unfortunately their final recording. What you get is more of what they do best...no frills, uptempo and catchy punk rock.

Anyway, add these 5 songs to your Social Circkle folder on your hard drive or rip them to a cd for the car and enjoy!

Thanks Social Circkle...I will be enjoying your music for years to come!

Side Two Records - Purchase - Act quick as they made 50 red vinyl copies for mailorder only and as of today they still have some available.

What the label says:

"SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Expiration Date 7"
5 tracks of intense early 80's hardcore mixed with late 70's punk from all around the globe. More anger and speed than previous releases, SOCIAL CIRCKLE manages to exit on their most manic note while still maintaining the melody and catchy hooks of their 'Static Eyes' 7". Think ripping hardcore with songs you can actually remember. The follow up to 2009's 'City Shock' LP (No Way Records) this ep is the band's final offering. (Side Two 002)"


James Damion said...

I recently picked up their "Static Eyes" EP. I love when a record resonates with you right off the bat. I just ordered "Expiration Date" yesterday. I can't wait till it arrives.

Dave G said...

Yeah, Social Circkle is one of those bands that I fell in love with immediately upon hearing their 1st demo. It's funny how some bands just sound so right straight from the get go.

There Lp City Shock is great as well.