Thursday, October 25, 2012

Old School metal photos

Found a box of my old metal stuff at my parents house the other day. Nothing like finding a box full of old pictures you had completely forgotten about and then having the memories come flooding back upon seeing the images again. These are just a few of the 100's of metal photos that covered every inch of my bedroom wall when I was a kid...Dave G.



I have some vinyl for sale on Discogs. Here's a link if anyone is interested.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Le Cause - Clear Plastic Day - Emotional Records 1983

Obscure minimal synth wave band from Pennsylvania. Apparently the sleeve above is a rare alternate sleeve that looks nothing like the one you commonly see with this record. I prefer the above sleeve to the more widely used one as it fits the music better. Posting for historical purposes...Dave G.

More details and picture of the other picture sleeve Here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Torture - Enter The Chamber - demo tape 1986

Interesting demo that I can't find much of anything about online except that the band hailed from El Paso TX.

Musically I would compare Torture to Venom, however the riffing on this tape reminds me of the Black Metal band Horna which is odd considering this demo pre-dates Horna by 7 years The music on this demo is by no means Black Metal, but nice thick mid tempo power metal with vocals that sound like growling from a deep dark cave.

If anyone has any information about this band please leave the details in the comment section...Dave G.

enter the chamber
into the darkness
power metal
the vision

Mad Butchers - Tales From The Menstruating Twat - demo tape 1986

Offensive tape cover, stupid song titles and NYHC tags tell you all you need to know about this tape, and also tells you exactly what the music sounds like, but if you can't figure it out I'll just say that someone really liked SOD and or Lethal Aggression and decided hey we can do that...they even have a song that clocks in at about 2 seconds. Unfortunately, they don't have the chops, vocals or production value to really pull this off.

I bet they thought this was great and funny when they released it, but as a full grown man this is a little embarrassing...Posting just to document the tapes existence as I do not see it anywhere on the internet... Dave G 

Mad Butchers hailed from Staten Island NY

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Deathcorps. RIP demo tape 1986

Good quick tight straight ahead thrash metal is what you'll find on this scorching demo tape from NYC.

Deathcorps. featured a couple members who would go on to perform in much more well established bands...see below details.

The demo tape cover is a two sided insert (see pictures) with a separate photocopied lyric sheet folded inside...Dave G      

Rich Day Bass (1985-1986)
See also: Brooklyn Militia, ex-Whiplash, ex-Primal Scream, ex-Moondog
Joe Cangelosi Drums (1985-1986)
See also: ex-Cerebral Hemorrhage, Brooklyn Militia, ex-Kreator, ex-Massacre, ex-Whiplash, ex-Moondog
Lowell Wilson Guitars (1985-1986)
Louie Adepeatro Vocals (1985-1986)

Gargoyle - Violence Is Golden - demo tape 1986

Gargoyle hailed from Elizabeth NJ and released this killer thrash demo in 1986. There is some serious Slayer worship going on on this tape. I also here similarities to fellow NJ thrashers Fantom Warrior mixed in as well.

I do not see any full scans of the demo tape cover on the net so figured I would add a full scan...Dave G.   


Hittman - Metal Sport - Demo Tape 1985

Here is another demo from the aforementioned collection that I only see images of a bootleg cd online. Here is a scan of the actual demo tape cover for the Hitt Man "Metal Sport" Demo from 1985...Dave G.


Steele - demo tape 1984

I purchased a kick-ass collection of demo tapes this past weekend and among the ones I had heard of there were bands like Steele who were completely new to me. Anyway, I started to snoop around the net to get some info about Steele and I have noticed that there seems to be some confusion about their 1983 demo and 1984 demo. I have found a few pages with the 1983 demo image listed as the 1984 demo but could not find a single image of the actual 1984 demo online so I figured I would post the demo cover to help archive this fine demo tape.

Musically, Steele play power metal not thrash metal, and they were damn good at it...Dave G.


Smut - Middletown NY 1985

Smut were a ripping thrash band from upstate Middletown NY who formed out of the ashes of Black Witch who hailed from Chester NY. Smut recorded a full length Lp in 1985 that apparently never got properly  mastered, but honestly who gives a shit because the 5 songs that the band have made available for our listening pleasure contain the perfect mixture of filthy nasty thrash metal  that you just can't find on most of the generic overly produced metal acts of today.

I guess what I am trying to say is go to the bands ReverbNation page, give their songs a listen and spread the word about one of NY's best keep metal secrets from the mid 1980's...Dave G.  


The end...or just the beginning?

10/16/2012: I have decided to maybe do some more posting to Rocket Science going forward, I will not share any music (with the exception of you tube links) unless bands reach out to me and give their written permission for me to post their music. That being said if there are any old school or new school Metal bands out there who would like to be promoted through the blog, feel free to get in touch...Dave G

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

 One of many new reviews and interviews on the new blog UBRS...if you haven't check out the new blog please stop by and have a look around...Dave G.