Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The end...or just the beginning?

10/16/2012: I have decided to maybe do some more posting to Rocket Science going forward, I will not share any music (with the exception of you tube links) unless bands reach out to me and give their written permission for me to post their music. That being said if there are any old school or new school Metal bands out there who would like to be promoted through the blog, feel free to get in touch...Dave G


zach said...

hey Dave,

nice to see you're going to post some more here. i always just like reading what you have to say. i was just reading your other blog, but you seem to be kind of drown a bit by the other guy. no offence. i really appreciate your offer for me to post at your other site. i know it would be a lot of fun. but i was thinking of starting up another blog. it's been 9 months and i feel like getting back into it. probably starting next month. i finally bought a good record player, should arrive in the mail in the coming weeks.

anyway, just dropping by.


Dave G said...

Hey Zach,

Good to hear from you hope all is well. I understand what you are saying...no offense taken.

I decide to start working on Rocket Science again partly because I was feeling limited by the other blog, and I missed having a place where I can do whatever I want to do without limitations.

Let me know when you start up your new blog...take care.


zach said...

yeah all is good with me. it will be nice to start up again.

yeah i get you. looking forward to seeing what you'll post next.

zach said...


i got my new blog up.