Monday, November 29, 2010

Psycho - 8 song ep - 1983 Axction Records

Classic Boston punk 12". Starts off with a cover of "Psycho" jumps right into an uptempo scorchers and never really lets up. Great old school punk record so if you've never heard this one then give it a spin. If you like this one there is a compilation Lp called " Studio Recordings 1982-1986" available from Welfare Records that compiles 45 songs ranging from demo recordings to compilation tracks to previously released material. I highly recommend picking up copy of the studio recordings cd or lp...Dave G.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nuke Your Dink - Positive Force #1 1984

The first release on Positive Force Records documenting the early 80's Nevada punk scene. This compilation features 7 Seconds - Subterfuge - No Deal - Urban Assault - Jackshit - The Remains - The Expelled and The Yobs. Overall this is a nice snapshot of the Nevada scene and there are some good songs on here, with 7 Seconds, Urban Assault and Jackshit offering up my favorite tracks ...Dave G.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Johnboy - Claim Dedications 1994 Trance Syndicate

Since I am digging up some of my favorites from the late 80's / 90's underground scene I figured I should add Johnboy from Austin TX to the list. Johnboy played what I would have called Mathrock back in the day for lack of a better term...the music is heavy, rhythmic and mostly instrumental with the occasional spoken / shouted vocal thrown in for good measure.

Johnboy released 2 full length albums on Trance Syndicate ( "Pistol Swing" 1993 and "Claim Dedications 1994") which was a label co-founded by Butthole Surfers drummer King Coffey. I also have a 7" titled CalYx in my collection., and also a split 7" between Johnboy/Quitters Club . I'm not sure if Johnboy released anything else honestly, but if anyone knows about anything I am missing please comment...Dave G.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crain -Speed

Keeping the 90's rock promotion moving along I'd like to present a couple songs by Crain who were another amazing and under-appreciated band out of Louisville KY.

The Speed album is still available I believe as it was released a few years back with some added bonus tracks by Temporary Residency Records. I think the Heater cd is out of print at this time. Crain also has their own website right here where you can hear some more sound files and also order a copy of the Speed cd.

Heater Lp ' Hey Cops

Speed Lp - Kneel

Rodan - Rusty 1994

Rodan from Louisville KY took a little bit of Bitch Magnet and a little bit of Slint and added a bit more bottom end to the mix, which resulted in one of my favorite records of the mid 90's. I saw them live a few times and it was just mind blowing in all honesty.

Give this incredibly intense rhythmic song a listen and then go buy a cd or vinyl copy of this record, both are still available. Seriously this song is so good it makes my head spin...Dave G.

The Everyday World of Bodies

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tanner - Ill - Gotten Gains - Caroline 1995

Tanner from San Diego Ca. were another of the mid 90's bands that sort of didn't fit neatly into any specific musical category. " Ill Gotten Gains" is an excellent cd that reminds me of the Hot Snakes which makes sense since lead vocalist /guitarist Gar Wood would go on to play with the Hot Snakes a few years after this cd was released. The cd is OOP as is the vinyl, however there are some cds's for sale on , and some more sound files are available from the bands website right here .

I saw Tanner live a bunch of times in the mid 90's and they killed it every time. I was such a big fan of this band that when the Hot Snakes formed I was as excited that Gar Wood was a part of the Hot Snakes as I was that Reis and Fork of Drive Like Jehu (another favorite of mine) were part of the Hot Snakes.

Hey Jigsaw
Computers that breathe

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mothman - Live on WFMU Radio 1994

Purchase Mothman 7" records

Here's a live set my friend asked me to rip for him. Since I spent the time to rip it I figured I'd throw it up on the blog for anyone who maybe interested. Mothman were active in the NY/NJ scene from approximately 92-96 after which they changed their name to The Nolan Gate and they're still bashing it out today. The Nolan Gate have released a bunch of cd's over the year with the most recent releases "Sent By Rays" and "Oceanlord" available for download on this blog, check the older posts. I also released a 7" by Mothman back in the day which is still available if anyone i interested.

As for the music I think Mothman had a bit of and early Amrep sound with musical comparisons being Prong and Unsane or something along those lines. This tape was recorded off the radio so there is some static and whatever but who cares the music is good.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gang Green - Sold Out 7" Taang Records 1984

This was Gang Green's 1st 7" release and is by far their best release, along with their tracks on the "This Is Boston Not L.A." compilation which are also excellent. The music on this 7" is raw and powerful...just the way hardcore punk was really meant to be. If you like this then make yourself a cd of this 7" , the compilation tracks and the Skate To Hell / Alcohol 7" and you pretty much have all the Gang Green you will ever need to hear...Dave G.

sold out

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Violent Apathy - Here Today... 7" Gravelvoice Records 1983

This has always been a bit of a strange record to my ears. On one hand there's a sluggishness to the music that is sort of unappealing to me, but strangely it is this sluggishness to the music that makes this record sort of appealing lol. I know that probably doesn't make sense, I guess what I mean is that in general sluggish mid paced punk is not my thing, but these guys pull it off on this record in my opinion, and after a few spins this record starts to sound pretty damn good to me.

Give it a listen, maybe you'll agree with me or the Flex discography which calls this one "Mediocre, generic hardcore, all songs sound the same, and the production is way too thin and lifeless. Not a complete disaster, but not to interesting either"

Friday, November 12, 2010

What The Hell It's Roach Motel - Destroy Records 1984

This is the second and final 7" by Roach Motel from Gainesville Florida. RM is probably the most well known of the early 80's Florida punk bands so this 7" is probably nothing new to most of you. If you have never heard this one before it contains a nice mix of fast and mid-paced punk songs that are consider by many to be punk/hardcore classics.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy Toons / Dead Fink split 7" - Rest In Pieces - Landmind Records 1984

This 7" contains 2 fairly obscure bands hailing from Illinois USA. The Flex Discography describes this release as great (yet generic) fast ,powerful and diverse hardcore. I guess I agree with that description, except I don't think either band is particularly great in the this is a classic and you have to have it sort of way, but both are enjoyable in their own right. The record has a cool intimate feel to it, it actually makes me feel like I am sitting in the bands rehearsal space while they're playing through their set, and that's a good thing...Dave G.