Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gang Green - Sold Out 7" Taang Records 1984

This was Gang Green's 1st 7" release and is by far their best release, along with their tracks on the "This Is Boston Not L.A." compilation which are also excellent. The music on this 7" is raw and powerful...just the way hardcore punk was really meant to be. If you like this then make yourself a cd of this 7" , the compilation tracks and the Skate To Hell / Alcohol 7" and you pretty much have all the Gang Green you will ever need to hear...Dave G.

sold out


Zach said...

there actually is a cd called "PRESCHOOL" that has this 7", and the comp tracks, haha.
great 7", too bad there is only 3 tracks.

Dave G said...

I 'll have to snoop around for that Preschool cd. I was going to rip all the songs and make my own collection but not anymore.

Zach said...

you can probably find it for cheap. i had the cd but traded all my cds in for the complete Sack-O'-Woes discography.