Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mothman - Live on WFMU Radio 1994

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Here's a live set my friend asked me to rip for him. Since I spent the time to rip it I figured I'd throw it up on the blog for anyone who maybe interested. Mothman were active in the NY/NJ scene from approximately 92-96 after which they changed their name to The Nolan Gate and they're still bashing it out today. The Nolan Gate have released a bunch of cd's over the year with the most recent releases "Sent By Rays" and "Oceanlord" available for download on this blog, check the older posts. I also released a 7" by Mothman back in the day which is still available if anyone i interested.

As for the music I think Mothman had a bit of and early Amrep sound with musical comparisons being Prong and Unsane or something along those lines. This tape was recorded off the radio so there is some static and whatever but who cares the music is good.


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