Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crain -Speed

Keeping the 90's rock promotion moving along I'd like to present a couple songs by Crain who were another amazing and under-appreciated band out of Louisville KY.

The Speed album is still available I believe as it was released a few years back with some added bonus tracks by Temporary Residency Records. I think the Heater cd is out of print at this time. Crain also has their own website right here where you can hear some more sound files and also order a copy of the Speed cd.

Heater Lp ' Hey Cops

Speed Lp - Kneel

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jbm said...

to carry over our discussion on the Rodan comments. yeah, im with u on the "emo" thing. i think "dirty word" is a great way to put it. U can't even say that word now without folks becoming real touchy about it, as if your accusing someone of molesting a child. Not that I don't understand it, because the image (of both sound and style) that the word "emo" conjures up nowadays is just embarrassing. But there def were some GREAT bands from the (early) 90s that essentially were emo, but wouldn't be seen as such today of course (i.e Fugazi, Hoover, Drive Like Jehu, etc). I remember even seeing on another blog, someone commenting that Crowd Of Isolated (album called "I Try To Tell About A Way" - great hardcore from Germany in the late 80s) were kinda emo in a way, and a bunch of folks were like "no, no, NO.." and wouldn't hear it, and they had all these reasons why it COULDN'T be emo. Kinda silly, and i certainly could understand the guy's point about Crowd of Isolated..

As for Crain, yeah, i remember when Heater came out, I think it was Suburban Voice that was all about that record. seems like it was #2 in their year-end poll, and i remember thinkin things were headed in the right direction cause that was an amazing record, and it seemed like good musicianship was starting to come back around and be important again. I mean, Built To Spill got signed to Warner Bros. around that time!! Im not gonna sit here and say the music world in 2010 would be SO different if we'd had one more Crain record, but who knows, maybe we would have at least seen a few more good years of rock music in the 90s, instead of there bein such a dramatic fall off soon after Heater and Rusty came out. Seems like all of the good bands from that era broke up some time between '95 - '98, and everything just went downhill real fast from there.

But OK, we've seen the retro thrash metal revival - kids runnin around in big white sneakers, bullet belts, etc. its been fun gettin back into all that stuff, but now id like to see a return to this kinda shit - Crain, Rodan, Seam, Pitchblende, etc. The thing about that scene is there's nothing for the trendy folks to latch on to - it was all about the music, so if we can get this shit to come back around.. Or maybe its just wishful thinking..