Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nuke Your Dink - Positive Force #1 1984

The first release on Positive Force Records documenting the early 80's Nevada punk scene. This compilation features 7 Seconds - Subterfuge - No Deal - Urban Assault - Jackshit - The Remains - The Expelled and The Yobs. Overall this is a nice snapshot of the Nevada scene and there are some good songs on here, with 7 Seconds, Urban Assault and Jackshit offering up my favorite tracks ...Dave G.



Zach said...

haha elliott was talking about this on one of my posts.

i have to download this, it looks great, thanks!

Dave G said...

I had no idea this was mentioned on your blog. I also had no memory of Erich posting it over at Good Bad Music. I just bought this single this past Saturday at my favorite new record store and figured I'd post it up.

Zach said...

oh i didn't know it was on GBM either. sounds like a pretty good record store, if this 7" was there.

Chad Arrogant said...

I've been looking for one of these for YEARS!?!?!? Thanks for posting. It's pretty rare to even find a copy posted online!?!? I'm still hoping to at least SEE the covers to the original three 7 Seconds demos??? I'm sure only a handful even exist, anymore. Anyways, thanks again.