Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rodan - Rusty 1994

Rodan from Louisville KY took a little bit of Bitch Magnet and a little bit of Slint and added a bit more bottom end to the mix, which resulted in one of my favorite records of the mid 90's. I saw them live a few times and it was just mind blowing in all honesty.

Give this incredibly intense rhythmic song a listen and then go buy a cd or vinyl copy of this record, both are still available. Seriously this song is so good it makes my head spin...Dave G.

The Everyday World of Bodies


jbm said...

MAN, this record is incredible for sure. i mean, so many twists and turns, so emotional, sometimes furious, others more melancholy. Great musicians too, that went on to do some great stuff (i especially love a lot of the June Of 44 stuff), but Rodan not doing a second record was one of the biggest disappointments for me (in music) of the 90's - probably only behind Crain not making a third record, as it was gonna be the album of the decade.

I thought earlier about askin if u were into Crain after id commented on the Tanner post, and before i could even get back on here to do it, there's Rodan. so i'll assume u know Crain. they were def one of my fav bands of the 90's, and of all time really. And Rodan weren't too far behind.

Dave G said...

Oh yeah, I have all the Crain records. I'm a fan of the June of 44 stuff as well. I really need to start bringing some more of these 90's bands to the blog. I have a lot of stuff on vinyl Lp and 7" from that time period. A great June of 44 song is "Sanctioned in a Birdcage" off the Tropics and Meridians Lp.

jbm said...

i can't remember which one that is by the title alone, but thats a great record indeed. that whole crew (Crain, Rodan, Jo44, Shipping News, Boondoggle - which was Sean Meadows band in Chattanooga) were just amazing musicians, and everything they did deserves a good close listen.

i think its a good idea to post some more 90s stuff. it doesn't seem to be as trendy at the moment as the kvlt (did i spell that right??) metal shit from the 80s/early 90s, but i think there are some great bands out there that folks need to here, and its gonna take someone like u (i don't have a blog) to do it.

YOU a fan of Versus?? especially their early stuff - the first LP "The Stars Are Insane" and all the earlier singles and EPs. thats another good band that i kinda group in together with all these bands that u and i have discussed here off and on (i.e Seam, Crain, Rodan, Pitchblende, Polvo, Small 23, etc. - to name a few).

by the way, did u ever hear any of the stuff Crain was workin on for their 3rd record that never came out, like The UFO Song?? if not, u should peep youtube for Crain "UFO Song" - pretty fuckin bad ass. i get really bummed when i listen to it though. that would a been an incredible record.

Anywho, thumbs up - keep up the good work. Love the blog.

Dave G said...

yup I liked the early Versus records. Just listened to Crain The UFO song...holy shit that's good. Do you ever ask yourself why did the wimpy emo shit from the 90's seem to influence today's music but bands like Crain and Rodan seem to have had minimal impact. I mean there are heavy , aggressive bands today, but they don't seem to have the emotion that the real good bands from the 90's had. The word emo is a dirty word to me today, but back in the 90's there were a lot of great bands that fell under that tag.

CHRIS said...

Another great post Dave! What can I say about Rodan other than simply the best American band of the 90's. Knitting Factory.......late night......Rodan was totally worth getting home late that night!

Dave G said...

It sure was worth it Chris. I remember Evergreen opened the show and we didn't get out of there until 3am or something like that. We pulled a lot of late nights going to shows back then.

If you remember we saw Rodan a second time at Maxwells.