Friday, November 12, 2010

What The Hell It's Roach Motel - Destroy Records 1984

This is the second and final 7" by Roach Motel from Gainesville Florida. RM is probably the most well known of the early 80's Florida punk bands so this 7" is probably nothing new to most of you. If you have never heard this one before it contains a nice mix of fast and mid-paced punk songs that are consider by many to be punk/hardcore classics.


Zach said...

i wasn't too impressed with their first 7". although the first song on it is really good. this 7" has some good tracks but i guess the band just doesn't do it for me. thanks for this though.

Anonymous said...

"What The Hell" was supposed to be an LP. It would have been the FIRST full length hardcore record from the state of Florida, but the bassist stole the band money and split town. And so RM had to cut the project down to a 7".

They also had to cancel represses of some older titles and the proposed Rat Cafeteria LP. Essentially, once the bassist stole the money, he killed the label and the band's morale and RM split up a little while later.

The song "Chow Burger" is about former RM guitarist George Tabb. Not very flattering.