Thursday, August 25, 2011

Double Negative - Hardcore Confusion Volume 1 and 2 - Sorry State Records 2011 (review)

Sorry State Records

Raleigh North Carolina's Double Negative return with 2 brand new scorching 7" records showcasing their complex yet brutal hardcore style.

I am a little at a loss for words when it comes to describing Double Negatives music, and using the the term "Hardcore" really doesn't due the music justice in my opinion because there is so much more going in these songs then just typical straight up hardcore.

Volume 1 opens with "Writhe", a blazing and complex song that ends with a repetitive riff that hits like a fucking hammer to the head. "Cunny hop" closes out Volume 1 at full speed and with maximum aggression.

Volume 2 opens with "Fat City Address" which is a more mid tempo song when compared to the songs on volume 1. "face jam" closes out Volume 2 with lightening riffing, aggressive vocals and dare I say memorable hooks.

Overall, Double Negative is one of the best bands currently tearing it up out there...I highly recommend their entire back catalog as well...check them out...Dave G.

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