Thursday, June 11, 2009

Code of Honor - What Are We Gonna Do ? 7" Subterranean Records 1982

I am under the impression that I have posted a lot of old school punk rock/hardcore singles to the blog over the years, but as I was scrolling through my old posts today and admiring my work lol, I noticed that I really haven't posted as much punk as I thought. I think part of it is that I feel other blogs have really covered punk rock territory pretty well already, and all I will be doing is posting records that you can find elsewhere,however I think over the next few days I will post some classics on Rocket Science just because I like them.

Anyway, first off is this great Code of Honor 7" from 1982. I can't believe I haven't posted this one already as COH is one of my fav hardcore punk bands of all time. If you like this you need to get a copy of the Code of Honor / Sick Pleasure split 12" also. Actually COH and Sick Pleasure are the exact same band except they had different vocalists. Johnithin Christ who did vocals for COH was also in the excellent Society Dog as well. Anyway, this is essential raging yet catchy hardcore/punk in that old school California style that is so great.

P.S. Subterranean Records released a complete Code of Honor cd discography a few years back which I think you can still purchase right here Also, if you’d like to hear Society Dog and Sick Pleasure just search my older posts.


Zach said...

well it's a good thing you decided to post more punk. honestly your site is the only one i download from nowadays. i haven't been to GBM in months and i only go to KBD to read the comments. keep it up!

Dave G said...

Only my site ? Thanks Zach I will take that as a compliment. GBM is still one of the best blogs for my money. Erich has a good mix of metal, punk etc and he always has something to say were as I feel like I have nothing to say lol.

Zach said...

yep, only yours. i look forward to loading up your site to see what you've posted next. yeah GBM is good but too many metal posts for me. haha, yeah he does write a lot. i'm more of a KBD man. i like powerpop, which i don't think you do. or do you?