Friday, July 31, 2009

Hades - Live Videos

Dan Lorenzo (Hades guitarist) just dropped me an email bringing these videos to my attention. Dan said to spread them around so here you go. Thanks for the heads up Dan !

P.S. Dan also tipped me off to his band The Cursed which also features Bobby Blitz of Overkill on vocals. Here is a link to the bands webpage if you'd like to drop by and give them a listen


Erich said...

These videos are a great find - and youtube is great, I just have to say that. It's so crazy to see what the internet digs up and makes it available to people who would otherwise have never got to even know of it. I liked the doomier HADES the best. The thrash stuff is nice too, but then again so many of these old thrash bands sound very similiar. That's maybe why those who stuck out of the mass were really really spectacular.

Dave G said...

Hey Erich, long time no speak. Good to hear from you, hope all is well.

You tube is really great for stuff like this, but it's strange that I never find myself looking for videos on my own on you tube. Someone always has to bring them to my attention haha.