Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden Variety - Hedge 7" - Mint Tone Records 1992

Here is the first 7" from Long Island's Garden Variety. I saw these guys live probably 20 times, no kidding I really did. My brother’s band used to play with Garden Variety constantly in the 90's all over the NY/NJ area. GV was a great band similar in sound to Jawbreaker I suppose. Lead singer and bassist Anthony Roman went on to front Radio 4 for many years, and drummer Joe Gorlick went on to play with Seam, Bluetip and others. Over a 5 year period or so in the mid 90's GV released 2 full length Lp's and a slew of 7 inches and split 7 inches on various labels. I can honestly say that every one of their releases is worth owning so if you come across their records you should pick them up, and I bet they are cheap to boot.