Monday, November 16, 2009

Ex Inferis - 2006 demo - released in 2009

This demo showed up a week or so ago in my inbox and I finally got around to giving it a listen today. So basically what we have here is my first unsolicited demo review. Ex Inferis hail from Brazil and play a style of metal that mixes a nice dose of fast straight ahead metal with some nice thick riffing and also has one foot simultaneously in hardcore. I like that they mix up the vocals a bit between a screaming sort of power violence type vocal with a deeper death metal vocal at times. I have to say I do not expect much from demo submissions, but I think this one is definitely worth your time and attention if this is your type of music, so give them a listen for yourself and feel free to comment to let the band know how you feel.

P.S. If anyone out there wants their demo reviewed feel free to send it my way, however if I like your music enough to review it then expect me to ask you to send me a free physical copy of your recording because I am a record collecting nerd after all. So Ex Inferis where is my demo lol...Dave G.


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Allan Borges said...

Thank you!!!!

Ex Inferis.