Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Violence - The Vomit Bag 10" 1988

Ah the vomit bag...I remember when I bought this the vomit was all watery and it would slosh around inside the sleeve like well...VOMIT hahaha. It's funny to me that there is a warning on this thing stating " Do Not Eat". I know I am a metalhead but did they really think I was stupid enough to cut this thing open and eat it's contents ? Anyway, I posted this one just for the fun of it, and I fully expected to hate the music at 42 years old, but I'll be damned if I didn't do a little head banging to this one today....Dave G.

Songs: Eternal Nightmare and Phoba Phobia from the Eternal Nightmare Lp.


ben said...

vio-lence is definitely a love it or hate it band. i, for one, am a big fan of their brand of thrash. how no SxE band has covered "liquid courage" off "oppressing the masses" is amazing.

thanks for bringing the blog back. what did you ever think of the "nevermore" ep i sent?

Dave G said...

Ben, Honestly I was so caught up in the house stuff I never got a chance to listen to the Nevermore ep and now I can't find it on my computer. If you shoot me a link I will definitely give it a listen.

P.S the Violence Mechanic demo tape is my favorite thing they ever did honestly. I posted it a while back.

sam said...

hey dave its sam. i mean did they really package vomit or is it just colored water?

Dave G said...

Sam I think it was vegetable soup. At least that's what it looked like when I bought it.