Monday, August 31, 2009

The Queer Pills - 7" Homophobic Records 1981

As you know I have been busy lately, but I found some free time today and figured I would post the Queer Pills 7" which clocks in at 2:41 of awesomeness. As most of you already know the Queer Pills were the Angry Samoans in disguise to fool Rodney who had banned the Samoans from his radio show. Anyway, hope you enjoy and I will try to get some more music up on the blog this week..Dave G.


Erich said...

this was going to be my next post, haha. it's such a lovely piece of plastic, innit.

Dave G said...

This really is a fantastic little record. Please post it on your blog also Erich. You do a better job than I do with your rips and your record information, plus it will get a lot more views on your blog.

Zach said...

oh man i need this. great stuff, thanks!