Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ticket Stubs

Found some old ticket stubs.

top left : Anthrax / Cromags/ Metal Church 06/05/1987 Beacon Theatre NYC
top middle: Overkill 07/10/1987 Lamour Brooklyn NY
top right: Manowar 06/06/1986 Lamour Brooklyn NY
middle left: Slayer 04/11/1987 Lamour Brooklyn NY
middle: Raven/Anthrax/Metallica Roseland Ballroom NYC Kill Em All For One Tour
middle bottom: Iron Maiden Radio City Music Hall NYC 01/18/1985
bottom right: Slayer Lamour Brooklyn 11/15/1985

Wish I had kept all my stubs from back in the day.


Brendan said...

I have to admit that my favorite part of this post was seeing the old school Ticketron logo.

Not that I didn't like the bands! I'm just saying, if I had to pick a favorite part....

Dave G said...

Oh shit tickettron looks like the movie tron. okay, I never noticed that before or I had too many pre-new years cocktails tonight lol.

Phil Vas said...

Oh shit, I was at a bunch of these shows! Still remember Metallica at Lamour, Jan. '85. Did the entire Kill em All, Ride the Lightning set, Cliff bass solo and all. 25 fuckin years ago! Damn I'm old....

iSapien 1956672 said...

I gotta do this on mine, great ish, man.