Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Metal mags

Man I wish I had saved my Kick Ass Monthly zines. I know I had every issue but most of them got cut up and hung on my walls. You know what, if anyone has any old issues of Kick Ass I would be interested in purchasing them. Email me at

ps click image to enlarge.


dogbreath said...

that picture brought back an slew of good memories, thanks!
id like to link trade if your down
..ill email you, thanks

HC said...

Great stuff!! I collect 80s zines and magz. One of my fave is Kick*Ass, only got a few issues, they are very hard to find anywhere!! I am still looking for Johnny Z fanzine before he found Megaforce.

Dave G said...

I really regret ripping up those Kick Ass zines as a kid but what did I know. I thought the pictures would look cooler on my wall. I also cut up all mu Kerrangs as well.

HC said...

I did that to!! But who didn t?? But know i am trying to get some of them again.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Nesty Savage zine. So rawwww !