Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chronic Sick - bootleg Lp

This bootleg is currently all over ebay bringing in silly high prices but I know for a fact that an official repress of the Cutest Band In Hardcore ep and the S/T 12" are in the works. Once the label releases the official press release I will give you more details and let you know where to go to get a copy of the official represses...Dave G.


Aesop said...

Thank you 100000000 times. I love this band and there just isn't enough.

Javi said...

I bought one copy of this bootleg on eBay; the fucking thing fetched 50$, which is the second highest price I've ever paid for a vinyl LP, after the Code of Honor/ Sick Pleasure split (that one was about 56).
Anyway, I'm not unhappy with the bootleg itself; I mean, the sound quality is not bad and the black and white wax on the vinyl has its kinda charm, in a shabby way.

Dave G said...

Yea I bought my copy off ebay for $40 even though I know an offical release is coming minus the rehearsal tracks I believe. I will buy multiple copies of the official release I bet also because I am a record collecting dope. $56 for the code of honor / sick pleasure Lp is worth every cent. I love that record and have it on white vinyl and black vinyl, and I want the red vinyl and blue vinyl versions also. See told you I am a collector lol.

Javi said...

Fuck me Jesus! So there's a blue, white and red vinyl versions of the COH/ Sick Pleasure split!
I only own the black vinyl. Mine has to be a rarity, though, since the stickers are changed, so where it says "Code of Honor", you actually have Sick Pleasure and viceversa.
Of course it is worth every cent; used to like the COH side considerably more, but now I LOVE both sides equally (actually I spin the Sick Pleasure side more often).