Friday, January 22, 2010

I.D. Under - Genericide 1989 Walkthrufyre Records

 I.D. Under hailed from Chicago, and played a nice straight forward blend of political punk rock or as the label described it " a unique blend of political punk angst channeled through choppy rhythms of the signature Rickenbacker Guitar"... Definitely worth tracking down if you have never heard this record before...Dave G.


iSapien 1956672 said...

OMFG!!! thank you!
I have this on Cassette and Vinyl, but I do not have it in MP3 format. I love this record. Mai cassette is on the verge of static/white noise.
I saw them in 1988 in St. Charles, IL, they played with local band The Misled. I still have the lyric sheet they handed out at that show.
A girl I graduated with dated Doug Ward, her older brother was in The Misled.
Soem dudes I skated with were in 8-Bark. (Doug's band after ID Under)

Again, Thank You.

HecubusRex said...

Many thanks, saw them play in Chicago many times, but never had any of thier music. DOug Ward has posted some up on an ID Under site, but not this album.

Constant Change said...
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