Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself compilation 1982

Cool early 80's compilation on New Underground Records. The A-Side rips with the likes of Red Cross. Descendents, Anti, Ill Will, Civil Dismay and China White, while the B-side gets a little strange with the likes of Mood of Defiance, Zurich 1916 and the Plebs while the Minutemen, Urinals and Saccharine Trust do what they do best...Dave G.

Also go to Cosmic Hearse to get the companion compilation Life Is Beautiful.


fred said...

You should try no flash, tripod and long exposure, then block any reflection of your room light with a book or something.... ;<)

Dave G said...

Thanks for the tips Fred. My equipment is very limited though. All I have is a point and shoot camera...I don't even have a scanner anymore. I changed the image, hopefully this is a little better.

fred said...

Cool record. The guy that put those three LPs out was the guitarist for Anti and Mood Of Defiance.