Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blitz - Never Surrender - Razors In The Night 7" 1982 No Futre Records

Found this 7" last week in a local antique type junk shop. There was a box of records on the floor that contained the typical crap records you normally find at flea markets and garage sales but in the back of the box was the Blitz - Voice of A Generation Lp. I put the Lp up on the counter and I continued to look around the store to see what else I could unearth when the lady at the counter called me over and said hey I have this little record back here behind the counter. The little records was this Blitz 7". The 7" had a $10 price tag on it, so I asked how much and she said it says $10 but it can't be that much, how about $1.00 each and I said Deal. So there you go 2 Blitz records for $1 a piece...Dave G.


Brushback said...

Two great friggin' records for $1 each, too. Those are classics.

CHRIS said...

GREAT FIND DAVE! My favorite part of finding great records is finding them in the most ridiculous places!