Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Th' Inbred - Reproduction 7" Frozen Sound Studio Recordings

Fast cynical hardcore punk from these West Virginians, I guess the closest comparison would be Dead Kennedy's. This is a really good single with a lot of quirkiness and excellent vocals. If you like this I suggest you track down their first LP "A Family Affair" which is also excellent. My copy of this single is so scratchy, man I love it...I hate mint condition punk singles lol.

"He who dies with the most toys winds up in the fucking ground"


ben said...

i thought they were from tennessee. oh well....

Zach said...

yeah the more the crackles, the better. as long as it doesn't skip. one of the reasons why i hate cds, haha. so damn clean.
the best part of this 7" is after the first song the guy saying "oops i left my skateboard in the corvette."
hahaha, great!