Saturday, October 14, 2017

Torture - Enter The Chamber - demo tape 1986

Interesting demo that I can't find much of anything about online except that the band hailed from El Paso TX.

Musically I would compare Torture to Venom, however the riffing on this tape reminds me of the Black Metal band Horna which is odd considering this demo pre-dates Horna by 7 years The music on this demo is by no means Black Metal, but nice thick mid tempo power metal with vocals that sound like growling from a deep dark cave.

If anyone has any information about this band please leave the details in the comment section...Dave G.

enter the chamber
into the darkness
power metal
the vision


jbm said...

Hey Dave, I thought u had given up doing this blog. so its been a while. u may remember me as the only one who ever commented on the posts of 90s stuff like Seam, Crain, etc.

Anywho, u may already know, but i'm sure this would have to be the same band who did an LP called Storm Alert around 1990. Also did a 12" a few years before that. Really cool band if thats who it is - the LP was nice and had a cool weird desert painting on the cover that fit their Texas thrash metal style well.

Dave G said...

Hey JBM, long time no speak, hope all is well. I post very infrequently to the blog at this point. The whole war on file sharing rally took the steam out of my sails. I do another blog called United By Rocket Science which caters to current bands. We do live show reviews, album reviews etc, but even over there I am a bit of an infrequent contributor.

I actually do have the Storm Alert Lp by Torture. I picked it up recently as part of a pretty large metal album collection I uncovered, haven't had a chance to give the Lp a good listen just yet.

Take care,