Monday, December 10, 2012

Kickass magazine Bob Muldowney

God I loved this zine as a kid. I really felt a connection with bob's reviews and found that I could trust his taste in metal unconditionally. If Bob said something Kicked Ass then it really did. Anyway, I only have 3 issues of this  zine in my collection because after I finished devouring all the information that was packed in each issue of this great zine I would go at them with a pair of scissors and tack all the pictures to my bedroom wall. Anyway, I would love to purchase some old issues of Kickass. So if anyone out there has some old Kickass zines collecting dust and you'd like some cash please leave a comment or drop me an email...Dave G.

The only issues I have currently:

July 85 volume XXX (Kerry King on cover)
November 85 volume XXXI (Cronos on cover)
VOLUME XXXII (Lemmy on cover)

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