Saturday, June 01, 2013

Steffan Rodd - Shocker 7" ep 1983

Here's an obscure little bit of NJ heavy metal history for you...Steffan Rodd. From what I can gather these dudes were from Newark, the least metal place on the entire planet, and they self released this 7" ep in 1983.

Musically, you get three nice mid tempo rockers, and the outstanding up tempo title track "shocker" that is full of over the top vocal histrionics that need  to be heard by metal heads listen...Dave G.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave G. I played guitar in SR, formerly know as "Pulsar". Our lead vocalist was from the Neward area, but the rest of us were from the much more timid mid-Jersey/Somerset County area. Thanks for listening.
John "Barless" Pellichero