Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anomy - TVC 15 / Lone Wolf - Inner Landscapes Records 1981

Here is a strange obscure little synth-pop record that I hope some of you will give a listen to and provide some feedback on. I honestly know nothing about this band other than it appears they were from the Bronx New York based on the few details I could find about them on the web. Anyway, they play a very minimalist electronic synth style that is strangely captivating to me and I hope others will enjoy this one as well.


CHRIS said...

Hahahaha.....i knew this would be up here! This is such a tasty single......nice weird, cold, sterile version of Bowie's "TVC15"! Long Island certainly spit out it's fair share of oddball dystopian synth mayhem in the early 80's eh?

Sam Peck said...

dave i really like this!

MR said...

Wow, this is great stuff. Thanks for the download and more importantly, the artwork! Awesome. BTW - your blog rules.