Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mydolls - Imposter / Exorcism Cia Records 1982

If you are a fan of bands like Delta 5, Kleenex or Lilliput then you should give this a listen. Not that this sounds exactly like any of those bands but they are the only ones I could think of to give you a general comparison. Mydolls formed in 1979 in Houston, Texas by members Trish Herrera (ex-Kinky Friedman And the Texas Jewboys), Dianna Ray, Linda Bond (wife of Ronnie Bond from Really Red - aka U-Ron Bondage), and George Reyes (ex-Mystics)...Honestly do you even need to know more ?


CHRIS said...

What a shame no one commented on, when everyone starts getting on the MYDOLLS bandwagon in the near future, and this single starts appearing on a million different blogs overnight....(ahem, cough)..... you can proudly, and confidently say.....I posted it first suckers! Great single! Great post!

Zach said...

exorism is pretty good. thanks!