Friday, June 10, 2011

Malicious Onslaught - Demo #1 1987

Got this one directly from the band back in 87. I lived in the same town as these dudes and they were friends with my younger brother at the time. I have searched the net for this demo but I do not even see it listed on their discography.

The music on this tape is a little more thrash metal sounding then the bands later Death metal style recordings on their LP's etc. I have no idea if this tape is rare or whatever, but it's worth hearing and it is part of the under appreciated Rockland County NY metal scene from the late 80 / 90's.

Actually, this is sort of a teaser for a blog that I (along with a few friends) am beginning to work on that is going to strictly document the Rockland County Metal/punk/hardcore scene from the 1980's into the early 90's, and believe it or not I already have over 30 metal and hardcore demos to document. If anyone from the old Rockland scene comes across this post and thinks they have anything to contribute to my new Rockland blog then get in touch...Dave G.



jbm said...

what up Dave G.?? Long time no comment.

i do remember Malicious Onslaught. never realized they went back as far as the mid 80s. Wasn't it bout 5 or 6 more years before the LP came out??

Big ups too on your new blog!! ive always wanted to do somethin like that, for Tennessee, or just the southeast in general (i.e Tenn, Bama, GA, Carolinas). but i dont think i have all the equipment it takes, nor computer/internet savvy enough. But its always great to have the OGs represent, and pay homage the RIGHT way, to those who did so much,and meant so much to their scene, but hardly ever got any props or respect for it at the time. so good luck to u fellas with the new blog.

i actually may have some demos, etc, that might be of interest to u fellas, and your new blog. A good portion of my collection remains back home in storage, but i still got a lot of stuff here.

i dont really know where Rockland is, or whatever, so i dont know if u might have a list of bands, or what might be the best way. OR i could have a quick look over the demos i have here, and shoot u a list of any bands from NY, and u could let me know if any of em are what your lookin for..

is the band Killpower from there?? i know i got one of their demos here (2nd one i think)..

Dave G said...


Rockland County is literally 10 miles north of Manhattan. Killpower were from Rockland, those guys literally lived across the street from me as a kid. I have 2 Killpower demos 88's Blood Will Bring Blood and 89's Catalyptic world. Some other bands from Rockland were Sadistik Ritual, Decomposed (Tito Puente Jr on drums, yes that Tito Puente's son) Riphouse,Torment,Hostile Rage, Agony Flower ( Danny Derella from NYHC Underdog's post Underdog band, and on and on.

If you come across any NY demos feel free to drop me an email and I'll let you know if they were from Rockland.

There were also a bunch of Hardcore bands as well Disillusion, Atlas Shrugged, At All Cost etc. So I plan on covering some hardcore and even early punk like Borscht who were on flipside volume 1 Lp .


jbm said...

yeah, i got Catalyptic world.

I def recognize some of those names. im assuming thats the same Decomposed whose singer ended up in Morpheus (Descends)?? i know i used to have one of their demos, but its not here. i dont think i have anything by any of the others u listed.

Id have to go have a more thorough look through what i got, cause im kinda in a hurry, but i just had a quick look over my pile o' demos, and here's the NY Shit that caught my eye:

Prime Evil - 1st 2 demos
Immolation - 2nd demo Apparition "Human fear"
Morpheus "Accelerated decrepitude" Volitile Zylog
Lethargy - 1st demo
Marked For Pain
Cross Fade - 1st demo

Brian said...

I'm definitely psyched to hear about that new blog idea. If I get a chance, I'll put together a list of Rockland demos I have. You might have all of them already, but it's possible I might have a few you might not have. I also could probably come up with a list of bands from back then that might include a couple of forgotten bands.

tim said...

I remember these guys from my metal days. Did they wind up hanging with SVDC- Spring Valley Death Core?

Dave G said...


My partner in crime on the Rockland blog passed this info on to me.

"Jeff Riemer from Decomposed was in Morpheus, who became Morpheus Descends and released an album on the notorious, almost Wild Rags/NRR-level JL AMERICA record label. They released the first Malicious Onslaught album too"

None of the other bands are from Rockland but were from this general area.

Anonymous said...

This demo is from 1986, not 1987. Malicious Ted himself told me.