Wednesday, June 01, 2011

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Double Cross Blog interview with James (Unite Fanzine)

My friend James started Unite Fanzine in the late 80's when he was a staple on the NY Hardcore scene. Unite back in the day was a stapled paper fanzine covering all the NY, NJ,CT and international hardcore acts that you would expect to find back in 1988-1989 like Gorilla Biscuits, Insted, No For An Answer and on and on.

After a hiatus of many years, and with the advent of the internet James decided to bring Unite back as a web based zine a few years ago and he has been steadily plugging away doing interviews with some of the old school hardcore people of importance as well as keeping it fresh and new covering many currently relevant artists. If you go back in the interview archive you can even read some of the original interviews done for Unite in the late 80's with Gorilla Biscuits, Breakdown, Underdog, Youth of Today etc.

As far back as I can remember even predating our friendship I knew James as the dude with the camera at shows. James has many photos available for your viewing on Unite and also on his Photogeek blog , where he shows some of his work as he is a working photographer to this day.

Unite fanzine was an important part of the NYHC scene back in the day, and it's cool to see that some of the old interviews and photos are available to be read and viewed today so take a few moments to check it out...Dave G.


tim said...

James is a good dude. He's in love with your record collection. Haha.

James Damion said...

Tim talks about your record collection more than I do. And I talk about it all the time.

Dave G said...

James, at least you have seen my record collection hahaha.