Saturday, October 29, 2011

Artificial Peace / Exiled split 7" Fountain of Youth 001 - 1982

Artificial Peace and Exiled sound very similiar to me on this split 7". Both bands play a mix of mid tempo and fast paced hardcore punk with pretty poor recording quality in all honesty. This 7" definitely has a certain charm, however I think I prefer the Artificial Peace songs on the Flex Your Head compilation and also on the recently released Artificial Peace discography.

I am posting this up as a reminder to everyone to purchase a copy of the official AP discography from Dischord so please go order yourself a copy...Dave G.

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Bob Suren said...

Yeah, not the best AP stuff, but OK. Exiled is kind of dull. Unfortunately, after years of searching I found one of these somewhere and paid a hefty price. Got it home and was underwhelmed. I'll nab the new AP thing on Dischord, though -- and the Void demos LP, too. Glad Dischord is raiding the vaults.