Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mercenary - Demo Tape 1986

Here's a demo tape I mail ordered directly from the band back in 1986 and never received.I remember reading an incredible review of this demo in some fanzine back in 86 so I was literally dying to hear the tape for myself,therefore you can image my incredible disappointment when the tape never arrived and the band ignored my follow up letters asking when they were going to send my tape etc. Keep in mind this was pre-internet and email so I couldn't just type in Mercenary demo tape mediafire and download the music so when the tape never arrived I was literally deprived of their music for many many years to come until I finally bought a copy of the demo off ebay sometime back.

Since over 10 years or so had gone by from the time I ordered the tape and then finally actually heard it the music had less of an impact on me than it would have if I had received the tape back in 86 when I was 19 years old, however the demo is still really good and holds up well today. To my ears I think this demo sounds similar to The Legacy demo tape... who morphed into Testament.

Oh well, I guess this post gave me a chance to vent a little hahaha...I feel better now...Dave G.



James Damion said...

I think you should write another letter.

Dave G said...

Letter writing is definitely a thing of the past. Write a band to ask them if they have demos available and how much are they...wait a month for a reply...write another letter and include a check and then wait another month to get the demo. Things are so much easier today.

How about order a record from Revelation and wait 6 months to receive it from CT when I lived in NY hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, one of my all time fave demos!!
Looking forward to your rip of it.
Danny White was in MORDRED later.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I already have this downloaded so many times from everywhere. always hopingto find the ultimate copy in FLAC one day since it will be offically ion cd. Only FIRST LO and pre-First LP is ral Mordred, the rest os trendy bandwagon jumpoing funkmetal shot which we seem did not last

yes posted this on the 86 Mordred demo as I feel the very same for it.
The M's have it! Them, and Megadeth,and Metallica were still good in 1986

THRASH/DEATH METAL Underground said...

Working download here..