Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Suburbia Suburbia SUBURBIA!

Suburbia Suburbia SUBURBIA!

I've been hard at work on my other blog Suburbia Suburbia SUBURBIA! the last few days. My partner in crime Chris S. and myself uploaded 6 posts yesterday covering rare and obscure indie, punk and metal releases from the 80's - 90's suburban New York City music scene. Here are some links to what we have been up to.

Bar Sinister - late 80's thrash metal
Sectorian - late 80's death metal
Malicious Onslaught - 80's - 90's death metal.
Permanent Damnage - 90's metal
Killpower - 90's thrash/death metal
Torment - 80's thrash metal

Also in the Metal section of the blog you will find Decomposed - Hostile Rage - Sadistik Ritual - Selective Outrage - Syianic - Riphouse.

Atlas Shrugged - 1990's NYHC

Also in the Hardcore section you will fins At All Cost - Disillusion - Geek Attack (Dan Derella Underdog).

Dough Boys - early 80's punk ... really great.

Also in the Punk Section Proper ID and Borscht.

90's shoegaze like swervedriver or my bloody valentine
Gibson Girls - stradle the line between indie and punk rock.

Also in the Indie/Emo /Pop section Naked Statue - Drill - Mariner Four - Dahlia Seed - Agony Flower (another band from Danny Dog from Underdog NYHC) .

Please check out the SS blog and help us spread the word about the blog and the bands that we have covered so far. Also, if you have a blog please hit me up to share links. I'd like to add more links to the SSS blog as well as Rocket Science...Dave G.


Dr. Drunk said...

Great blog! I'll check out the new one as well. If you wanna check mine out, with bunches of 80's hardcore, please do:

Dave G said...

I see you posted up a bunch of the old punk comps. I thought about doing that here but never got around to it...great looking blog...I will add your link to mine.