Friday, February 03, 2012

Slaughtered Grace - Terror Unleashed 1989 Mutant Punk Label

Here's an old obscure piece of NJ crossover metal history. Slaughtered Grace from Lodi NJ ( the home of everyone's favorite horror punk band the Misfits) dropped this 7" on the unsuspecting masses in 1989, and I bet it's filling up dollar bins all over the United States as we speak ,however if you happen to see this 7" in your local record store...dollar bin or otherwise... I would recommend you grab it.

The music is perfectly good Metal/hardcore ... think Crumbsuckers meets SOD or something along those lines. The B-side track "Disabilty" is my favorite track with it's SOD type opening leading into some raging soloing and straight up no bullshit riffing and vocals that bring DBC to mind for some reason, but hey I could be wrong so listen for yourself...Dave G.

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Buske said...

This is great.

If anyone comes across the demo, I'd gladly accept.