Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Purgatory - st lp - 1985 J.U.F. Records

Night Crawler Bitch

Here's an obscure slice of Heavy Metal for you. From what I can find on the net it appears this album was self released by the band and it sold roughly 1000 copies back in 1985 or so. Following the release of this Lp Purgatory signed to Auburn Records (home of the excellent Destructor) and released a full length Lp titled "Tied To The Tracks" and also a 3rd record , an ep in 1989 titled "Dr. Pain".

Musically this record contains some pretty good power metal that has enough of that old 80's metal charm to keep you coming back for more.

Purgatory has an active myspace page with a full Bio and some songs that you can sample...Dave G.

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Daniel said...

My brother had Tied to the Tracks in his collection back in the 80's ...loved that song. Cleveland had a strong metal scene in the 80's....anyways the singer of this band Jeff Hatrix is now in Mushroomhead. I'm listening to Integrity as I type this,ha ha good ol' Clevo.