Monday, February 06, 2012

Blood Feast - Chopping Block Blues (Flame Trader) 1990

Chopping Block Blues
Dropped Like Flys
Born Innocent

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I have been a Blood Feast fan since I mail ordered there Blood Lust "Suicidal Missions" demo tape back in 1987. I bought both the "Face Fate" 12" and "Pleasure To Kill" lp when they were released back in the 80's and I have always liked both records, however I have to admit that I sort of lost interest in metal right around 1990, and I never knew Blood Feast released "Chopping Block Blues" until I stumbled across a copy on Ebay recently, which led me to scour the internet until I could find a copy of my very own for half of the ebay asking price.

Chopping block blues is a bit of departure from Blood Feasts previous two records, and it took me a couple listens to get used to what the band was going for on "Chopping Block Blues" but I have to say that after the strangeness of hearing keyboards in the opening track the record settles in and Blood Feast delivers a top notch Death/Thrash record that is slowly becoming my favorite album of theirs, though the Face Fate 12" is pretty hard to top in my opinion....Dave G.

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