Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Not - Kids Survive ( The Not/Not Records) 1985

The Not - Cambridge MA 1985

It's strange to come across a mid 80's punk/power pop record and find absolutely not a single mention of said record or band on the internet. Well, that is exactly what happened when I saw this record in a local comic book shop of all places a few weeks back.

Since my Google search turned up nothing on my Iphone while I was in the store, I decided I had to buy this record because the drummer has a Thrasher sticker on his kit and the bass player was doing a flying kick split, which meant this record was going to be a long forgotten masterpiece or a masterpiece of shit...well, in all honesty it is neither of these things.

What you do get with this record is some pretty decent power pop / punk that sounds like it would have been popular in NYC about 5-10 years prior to the release of this record. At times the singer reminds me of Johnathan Richman or something along those lines. Anyway, if you like catchy power pop this might just be up your alley, and I just can't resist giving The Not an internet presence for the first time in 27 years. The A-side opener "We Are The Ones" and especially the B-side opener "Kids Survive" are the stand out tracks for me...actually "Kids Survive" is an excellent uptempo punk song...Dave G.


Punk Business Manager said...

The first Not 12"EP from 1984 has probably their best song it, "Action Man":

But still nothing over the top...

Al Quint said...

had the good fortune to see these guys play quite a bit and they were a lot better live. The records are OK but sound tame to what they could do live