Monday, September 25, 2017

Kruciform - 1987 Demo Tape

Kruciform hailed from the Bronx , NY.   I grew up about 30 minutes from them and was fairly aware of the local metal bands making the rounds in 87, but I never heard of Krucifrom until I found this demo a few days ago. A quick internet search turned up scant information, except for an  Encyclopedia Metallum entry  that doesn't even contain an image or track list for this demo tape.

Anyway, the music on this tape is really quite good and deserving of preservation, so I figured I would rip the demo and revive the old blog , even if it's just for the purpose of documenting Kruciform's music, but who knows, maybe I'll post a few more local metal rarities as I get them ripped over the next few days.... Dave G.

Kruciform demo 1987

01. Black Angel
02. Tunnel of Love
03. Resistance
04. Horror Holocaust


Phil Vas said...

Glad to see things up and running again. Interesting demo. Sounds like early Overkill.

Dave G said...

Yeah well see how long it lasts. I have a few more demos I'd like to share. It's likely that I'll put up a bunch of stuff and then go silent for awhile again :)

Anonymous said...

Kruciform was awesome! I still have my cassettes, good to see that they are being posted here and not forgotten.