Monday, September 25, 2017

Mutilator 1989 Demo Tape

Here's another demo tape I picked up this past week that has no internet presence. No listing on Encyclopedia Metallum at all and I couldn't find any information at all in the Heavy Metal Rarities forum.

Anyway, Mutilator hailed from Ossining, NY which is in the northern suburbs of New York city not far from where I grew up myself. Mutilator is yet another band that would have been local to me that I either never heard of or simply do not remember. This demo is a good one , the production is sold, the songs are interesting and just brutal enough and the singer sounds like a twisted motherfucker....good stuff...Dave G.

01) Isolation
02) Vicious Baptism
03) Concealed Lies 
04) Insanity

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winston95 said...

Hey man great recent posts! It's such a throw back to hear forgotten "treasures" on the internet and I think its awesome you are keeping these long lost demos alive. I really dug the Sintillion cassette - oh boy did you hit that nail on the head with the AJFA reference! It's also personally cool how you have a lot of NY/NJ band demos in your collection - I grew up outside of Morristown and would travel to see my friends' cheesy metal bands (Knightmare HAD to have been a 2nd bill - I almost feel like I made fun of that cheesy name 30 years ago...) play at Tradewinds or L'amours if they were the opener for the opener... I wish I still had some of their tapes!!! Keep up the great work. Thanks.