Friday, April 23, 2010

Dorsal Atlantica - Dividir & Conquistar ( Heavy Records 1988 )

Ok, I wasn't going to do another post this week, however this record showed up in my mailbox yesterday and I just couldn't resist sharing it with everyone.

I'll admit I had no idea who Dorsal Atlantica was until a few weeks ago when Erich over at Good Bad Music For Bad Bad Times posted a very rare 2 song 7" by DA. Anyway, I downloaded those 2 tracks hit play and immediate fell in love with these guys, and started scouring the net to see what records I could purchase. What I ultimately decided to buy is this Lp we have right here. The Lp contains 8 songs 2 of which are re-recorded versions of the tracks from the 7" Erich posted over on his blog. I guess what I like about DA is that they sound so un-American to me. I mean they are on one hand a typical 80's thrash band but on the other hand they have put a unique spin on thrash metal, almost like they are riffing in reverse or they somehow took how I interpret thrash metal and flipped it on it's head or something along those lines. This record makes me wish I had looked beyond Sepultura and had paid more attention to the South American scene back in the day. Are there any other SA bands that I need to hear ?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Lp as much as I do...Dave G.

P.S. There are 2 versions of this Lp out there, one was recorded with english vocals, however the one I am presenting is the original sung in Portugese.


Erich said...

Thanks a lot for this! I don't think I ever heard this one before, so I had to burn a CD that I now can't get out of my cd player. Next logical consequence I gonna have to find me this pearl.

HC said...

Dorsal´s 3 first recordings are fantastic! I prefer their stuff singing in Portuguese, of course.
One of the best and most important band from Brasil but didn´t have the lucky has Sepultura did.
Brasil had a great 80s metal scene, full of great Heavy/ Power and Thrash/ Death bands. Many of them only recorded tracks to compilations.

jbm said...

Hey man, as with Juggernaut, im a little slow leavin a comment. actually, i just realized i had an April post saved in my faves, as opposed to your main page, so ..

but since no one answered your question about there bein any other S American bands that you need to peep, i thought i'd chime in with a few that are faves of mine.

PSYCHIC POSSESSOR - "Toxin Diffusion" don't really know how to describe these guys. Hardcore metal with a lot of bad ass gits and deathly vox, and even badder ass time changes.

NECROSIS - "The search" prolly not the most mind blowingly original band, but still some catchy Bay Area-ish speed metal with a real nice thick low-end sound in the mix of the gits and bass. And its from Chile, not Brazil, so as to make this a true S. American list.

EXPLICIT HATE - "A View From the other side"

WHoa, sorry no descrip for Explic Hate, just realized i'm running late for a doc appt!! HAHA, but still a few to start with. I def recommend peepin all of these, Psychis Possessor is the fave though for me.

Dave G said...

Thanks for the recommendations JBM. I am definitely going to check out all the bands you mentioned asap.

jbm said...

one more that i thought of while waiting to see the doc today, that i thought was worth comin back to mention, Either of the first two MX Lps - "Simoniacal" and "Mental Slavery". the first one - "Simoniacal" - stands out just a bit more in my mind, though i haven't listened to either in years. pretty ggood stuff thats kinda Kreator-ish i guess, with some nice lead guitar sounds at times.

DEEMON said...

Also search for:

STRESS - FLOR ATOMICA / Heavy...1985
STRESS - STRESS / heavy...1982
Azul Limão - Vingança / 1986

Classic Bands from Brazil