Monday, April 26, 2010

Wargasm - Why Play Around ( Profile / Rock Hotel 1988

I always enjoyed Wargasm's straight forward no bullshit working class style of Heavy Metal, and their knack for hitting you upside the head with crashing wave upon wave of straight up heavy riffing. Give this one a listen and if you like it then also check my older posts to grab a copy of their "Satan Stole My Lunch Money" demo that contains four demo versions of songs that also appear on this their debut Lp.


ben said...

classic record to say the least.

screambloodygore said...

great record...listening to this again I really hear similarities to Leeway - Born To Expire...strange coincidence? Everything from the riffage to the never noticed that before. The songs Undead, humanoid, musically coulda' been on Born to Expire haha

Dave G said...

Leeway really ? I will have to give this another listen with that in mind.