Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raven - Break The Chains / The Ballad of Marshall Stack 1983 Neat Records

Ah Raven...a guilty pleasure...maybe ? I loved Raven when I was younger or at least I loved the All For One Lp and Rock Until you Drop Lp. Well, here I am at 43 years old listening to Raven and feeling a little dirty. I mean the first song on this 7" Break The Chains is an all time favorite of mine, but if this is one of my favorite Raven songs then I'm not so sure the aforementioned full length Lp's are going to stand the test of time. Maybe I'll just listen to the Stay Hard Lp, that was a real classic...NOT !!! Man I felt dirty before, now I feel completely disgusting for speaking in anthraxanese.


ben said...

as long as you don't shave it in your chest hair, i think you'll be ok.

Dave G said...

yeah or somehow get it under my skin and then have some hot chick hands rip my skin off lol...Raven Stay Hard is one of the worst album covers ever.


Anonymous said...

ALL Raven albums are good.

Even the commercial attempts of Stay Hard and pack is Back.

You are 2 years older than me and question...
Did you forget that RAVEN were about to dominate the world metal scene with All For One being the best speedy album around, Mark Gallgher had the most unique guitar sound and playing since Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen.
I don't know of too many guitar players hat can create their own signature sound!

IF, and only IF Metallica had not released Kill 'Em All, or maybe NOT for another year, then Raven would have been more famous than they are right now.
Underground metal was busting out all over the world, and many of us into Motley Crue,Maiden, Priest, etc were hungry and looking for more.

It just plain sucks that Raven who have been around as long as Iron Maiden do not get the respect they deserve,